A 2013 Gallup Poll Indicated That 47% Of The Residents' Area Regional Transit Authority System (“hart”).

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Friday will feel hot, with temperatures soaring to the low 90s inland with the coast staying in the upper 80s. Enjoy the blue skies across Central Florida, as the clouds will gradually build starting Saturday. Chief certified meteorologist Tom Terry will be live on Channel 9 starting at 4 p.m. tracking the showers on the way to Central Florida. Watch live here.  As the moisture surge creeps northward, there will be showers in the forecast in South Florida up to the Treasure Coast. Southern Brevard County may see an isolated shower. Central Florida: Better take Mom out on Saturday or early Sunday. Remember to hold the umbrella for her! Here's the timing of showers https://t.co/FJBEOy33Lw pic.twitter.com/RveQM8R2KB If you are planning a Mother’s Day brunch, the skies will be partly cloudy with the humidity increasing throughout the day. That'll be along with the chance of showers and isolated storms through the early afternoon. During the afternoon, there will be periodic showers. About 70 percent of Central Florida is forecast to receive measurable rain. Rainfall amounts will increase through Sunday evening.

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Florida Endodontist

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